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News from our video production:

Double Trouble's second single from our production is here.

Double Trouble's first single of our production.

Zuzana Hofmanová comes up with the first self-titled single of our production.

A new video for the band Slepí Křováci from our production.

What it looked like at the #zastavsenamalouchvili event we co-hosted with Flavi z.s. can be seen in this video clip. Have a peaceful Christmas.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas. Stop by for a little while on the 22nd at 6 p.m. for the #zastavsenamalouchvili event we're staging.

The band Iceland and another single from our worpcehop.

Another work from our dream factory.

More work for the Double Raw band, this time a video clip from our recording studio.

A new video clip and full audio-video production for the band Iceland.

Another video clip for the band Slepí Křováci from our studio.

A cover version of a song by Michael Jacpceon by Zuzana Hofman from our recording studio.

Cover version of the G n R song by Zuzana Hofman.

Cover version of a song by Elvis Presley by Zuzana Hofman.

Another video for the Gorilpop band, this time direct from our recording studio.

Gorilpop's new video

New video clip by Slepí křováci

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